Website copywriting: Work with a passionate, dedicated and forward-thinking website copywriter

Look at it. Have you ever seen a heading so boring? I gave up a sliver of my soul writing that drivel for you. Especially the word ‘passionate’. It means nothing to no one. Yet so many businesses stuff their web copy with similar generic nonsense. And in doing so, join every other sucker in a sea of sameness.

But not you. Because you’ve got the sense to hire yourself a freelance copywriter. Someone who can rustle up copy that hits the mark with your readers. No fluff. No guff. Just words that work.

Here’s how it’s done

  1. Chat

    Fill out my quick and easy contact form with what you need. If typing’s not your thing, feel free to gimme a call. Or if you already have a brief, ping it over to

  2. Proposal

    Provided we’re a good fit, I’ll send you my terms of agreement which outline what’s included, deadlines, payment procedures…that kinda thing. Here’s a copy if you want to give them the once-over.

  3. Brief

    Armed with more questions than Columbo, I’ll be sniffin’ out all the things that make you different from your competition. We’ll also pin down your target audience, tone of voice and any other knick-knacks I’ll need to bring your copy to life.

  4. Words

    Time for the magic. Here, I’ll start drafting up your copy. I usually work in Microsoft Word but let me know if Google Docs is more your thing. I’m flexible. Not on price, though. I’ve got a Bernese mountain dog to feed.

  5. Edits

    As you’ll know, all great copywriters are allergic to any criticism about their words. But should you spot a tweak or two in your first draft, we’ve got a round of amends to put it right.

  6. Sign-off

    Provided you’re happy with everything, you’ll have 15 days to settle any outstanding balance. Once we’re all squared up, the copy’s yours to share with the world. Use wisely, my friend.

A brilliantly thorough service

Tom is a very talented writer. He is a pleasure to work with and I’d happily recommend his services to anyone who requires website copywriting.

David James
David JamesDirector at Blackthorn Homes

What you get

  • Two-hour online briefing (in-person if you’re near Brighton)
  • Professional web copy delivered in MS Word or Google Docs
  • One round of amends for any tweaks you might want to make
  • Google-friendly meta descriptions for all landing pages
  • External professional proofreading on final draft


Alright, Tom, what’s the damage?

Every project is priced on deliverables. But to give you a rough idea on fees, I charge upwards of £2,200 for a five-page brochure site and £500 for individual landing pages. My rates are guided by 2023 ProCopywriters Survey.


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