If there’s ever a round on copywriting in your local pub quiz, here’s where you’ll find the answers.

How much do you charge for copywriting?

Unlike some copywriters who like to charge per word or per day, I prefer to set a fixed project fee based on my day rate of £450 + VAT. That way, we both know where we stand from the very start.

And, yeah, you could find a cheaper copywriter, just like I could find a cheaper bog roll. But you and I both know, parting with a few extra quid makes all the difference. Skimping is a risky business (especially when bottoms are involved).

How much do you charge per blog post?

Prices for blog posts start at £350 + VAT. That includes:

  • topic research
  • SEO keyword research
  • meta descriptions
  • images
  • one round of amends
  • external proofreading
  • uploading to your website

Once everything’s uploaded, I’ll send you a live link ready to be shared across all your social channels. I’m nice like that.

What information does a copywriter need?

Truckloads – and that’s why my project fee includes a two-hour briefing with you. Because unless I know what I’m writing about and who I’m writing to, your copy is never gonna hit the mark. So before I muster a single word, I’ll be getting all Columbo on you (in-person or video call) where we’ll discuss absolutely everything about your business. Once I’m satisfied you’ve shared all the goods, I’ll start drafting some ideas up. Sound good?

How much is a tone of voice workshop?

Prices start at £1,900 + VAT and include a two-hour in-person or online workshop, proper brand language guidelines and free access to a creative’s mind. Shoes off before entering, please.

What are your terms of business?

Here you go. Make sure you give ’em a good read before agreeing to work with me. Especially the part about paying on time. That’s a biggie.

Do you have any knowledge of my sector?

Probably not. But isn’t that a good thing? Because the way I see it, if I don’t know anything about your industry, there’s no risk of me isolating your audience with techie language or alien acronyms. I turn all that fluff into clear and concise copy that makes things stupid-simple to understand. And that’s the way it should be.

Why don’t you charge per word?

Because it’s madness. Copy is as long as it needs to be to get the job done. Whether that’s three words or three squillion words is irrelevant. If you brief me to write web copy or a social media post, there’s no telling how long it’ll be. All you need to know is it gets results. And that’s why a project fee works best for both of us.

What’s the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Let’s imagine I wanted you to hire me for copywriting. I might start by sharing a few blog posts on my socials about ‘The ultimate guide to finding the right copywriter’ or ‘11 bed-wettingly boring words to avoid in your web copy’. That’s content. That’s the informative stuff.

After a few weeks, you might start thinking to yourself: “This Tom bloke with the massive dog sounds like he knows his stuff. I’m gonna check out his website”. And now we enter the world of copywriting. Now I’m going to get all persuasive on you. But my copy’s going to be so well-crafted, you won’t even realise I’m being persuasive.

I’ve just given the game away, haven’t I? Forget everything I just said. Oh look, a giant dog!

Do you require a deposit?

Yep. After you’ve signed and returned my terms of business, I’ll send you an electronic deposit request for 50% of the project fee. Once settled, I’ll firm everything up in my little diary and send you a calendar invite for our briefing.

Do you offer SEO copywriting services?

I do. Just let me know during our discovery call if you want to include SEO keyword research and I’ll add it to my proposal.

Okay, Tom, I want to work with you. What happens next?

Great stuff! I’m here, mobile in hand waiting for your call. Or if you’re not ready to hear my phone voice just yet, you can always fill in my quick ‘n’ easy contact form. Either way, get in touch, tell me what you need and let’s start making waves.

Do you edit AI-generated copy?

No way. Not unless you’ve got a budget that would fill a bathtub with fifties. Oh, you do? Then come this way.

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