Social media content

When it comes to social media posts, it’s no good sharing your latest holiday snaps and hoping for the best. Instead, you need content that resonates with your audience, grows your reach and wins more business than you can possibly handle. If that sounds like something you’re after, point your pupils this way.

“Okay, I’m pointing. Tell me how it works.”

  1. Chat

    Before we get excited about working with each other, take a couple of minutes to fill out my contact form. Or if you don’t fancy typing, feel free to gimme a call (my phone voice is primed and ready).

  2. Proposal

    Provided we hit it off, I’ll ping you my terms of agreement which explains what you’ll get from me, what I need from you, plus all the usual legal blah! Here’s a copy if you wanna give it a scan.

  3. Strategy

    Right then – now everything’s signed off, we’ll crack on with the serious stuff. Here, we’ll get together for a couple of hours to map out our strategy. I usually plan in six-month stints, but let me know if you have another preference.

  4. Content

    At this point, I’ll be bringing our strategy to life with content that hits the mark. Branded graphic designs, hashtag research, replying to comments, building followers. You name it, I’m on it. Prepare to get noticed.

  5. WhatsApp

    I’m never short of an idea for your content. But to keep things relevant, we’ll set up a WhatsApp channel where you can deposit anything worth shouting about. Feel free to add any colleagues who want to contribute.

  6. Review

    It’s nothing personal, but I won’t be contacting you every week with social media updates. It’s just one more distraction you don’t need in your life. So, to keep things simple, we’ll review progress every three months. I’m only a call away if you need me. Why make things complicated?

“D’you manage all social media platforms?”

No, I’m strictly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s best for you, me and your audience that I stay away from TikTok dance video creation. Tried it once. Didn’t go well.

A pleasure to work with from start to finish

Tom took the time to really understand our business, which culminated in spot-on copy that truly reflects our culture, ethos and personality. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Noel Preston
Noel PrestonManaging Partner at Preston Insurance Brokers

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