Brochure copywriting

You know your business inside out. But when it comes to selling your products on glossy paper, you’re gonna find it tough. Why? Because you know too much. You’re too far down the rabbit hole. And at no fault of your own, you’re unable to see things through your customers’ eyes.

That’s why you need an outsider. Someone with a fresh pair of peepers who can cherry-pick the best parts about your product and turn it into copy that sells. Because let’s face it, if your readers catch the slightest whiff of waffle, they’ll be off before you can say “someone get me a brochure copywriter”.

How it works

  1. Chat

    Kick things off by filling out my nice ‘n’ simple contact form. If you’d rather gimme a call, fill your boots. My number’s 01273 458 557.

  2. Proposal

    Provided we both like each other, I’ll ping across my terms of agreement. Make sure you give it a proper read and let me know if you have any questions. Here’s a copy if you want to have a nosey.

  3. Brief

    Right then, now it’s time for the serious stuff. Here, we’ll pin down your tone of voice, target audience, USPs, copy restrictions, design layout, positioning, competitor research…the lot. By the time we’re through, you’ll need a lie down.

  4. Words

    Time for me to consult my keyboard. At this stage, I’ll start drafting up your copy. I prefer to work with Microsoft Word, but let me know if Google Docs is more your thing. Exceptions can be made. But it’ll cost you a packet of Hobnobs.

  5. Edits

    It goes without saying, copywriters are always right when it comes to words. But should you find a tweak or two in your first draft, we’ve got a round of amends to put it right.

  6. Sign-off

    Provided you’re happy with everything, you’ll have 15 days to settle any outstanding balance. Once we’re all squared up, the copy’s yours to share with the world.

What you get

  • Two-hour online briefing (in-person if you’re near Brighton)
  • Professional brochure copy delivered in MS Word or Google Docs
  • One round of amends for any tweaks you might want to make
  • Continual communication with your design team
  • External professional proofreading on final draft

An exceptional professional

Tom really took the effort to fully understand our business and the requirements of our brochure. Would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone.

Mark Boxall
Mark BoxallDirector at Shoreline Accountants

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