Tone of voice

Between you and me, too many businesses have a forgettable voice. Why? Because they assume a formal tone means more credibility. Perhaps that was true in the dial-up days, but times have changed. Readers don’t fall for that baloney anymore. Instead, you need a voice that projects personality, amplifies values and shows your customers what you’re all about. In other words, you need a voice that makes you, you. And I can help with that.

How it works

  1. Chat

    Tell me what you’re after by filling out my quick ‘n’ simple contact form. Or if you’d rather hear my phone voice, gimme a call on 01273 458 557.

  2. Proposal

    Next up, I’ll ping you a proposal with my all-in fee for crafting your brand voice. Make sure you give my terms a proper read. Here’s a copy if you wanna have a nosey.

  3. Workshop

    Contract signed, it’s time to sharpen pencils. Here, you and your colleagues will dive into a series of creative activities to reveal your true voice. The whole session is facilitated by yours truly and can be delivered at your office or online, whichever you prefer.

  4. Samples

    Within 72 hours of completing our workshop, I’ll draft up samples of how your new voice will sound across various channels. Of course, a copywriter’s always right when it comes to words. But should you feel your voice needs tweaking, let me know. I’ll take it like a pro.

  5. Guidelines

    Now it’s time to rustle up easy-to-follow guidelines on how to use your voice. Inside you’ll find annotated examples, dos and don’ts, go-to writing techniques…the lot. It’ll give you and your team complete clarity on how to speak across every channel and to every type of audience. Handy or what?

  6. Sign-off

    Provided you’re happy with everything, you’ll have 15 days to settle any outstanding balance. Once we’re all squared up, your brand-new voice is yours to unbox and share with the world.

What you get

  • Half-day tone of voice workshop (in-person if you’re based in or near Brighton)
  • Professional brand voice guidelines with examples delivered as a shareable PDF
  • One round of amends for any tweaks you might want to make
  • External professional proofreading on finalised guidelines


What to expect in your tone of voice workshop

Dealing with voice, tone and nuances can get a little fuzzy. So to give your workshop the framework it needs, I use something called Voicebox. It’s a toolkit full of tips, tricks and tarot cards (yes, tarot cards) to help you find your voice without any guesswork. To get the most out of your session, you’ll need to bring an open mind, a willingness to participate and a generous dose of caffeine (mine’s milk, two sugars if you’re making).


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