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If you want to be one of the faces in your industry, you need to get on peoples’ radars. But with so many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ out there, how do you separate yourself from the crowd? Well, you could pump a load of wedge into Google Ads. But if you’d rather see your marketing budget go further, blogging is the smarter answer.

How it works

  1. Chat

    To make sure we’re right for each other, kick things off by filling in my quick ‘n’ easy contact form. Or if you fancy a quick yack, give me a call on 01273 458 557

  2. Proposal

    Provided we like each other, I’ll fire across my terms of agreement which explain how I work, what I need from you, plus all the usual legal blahdy blah! Here’s a copy if you fancy a preview.

  3. Strategy

    At this stage, we’ll meet up either online or in-person to unearth a content strategy. I usually build plans to cover a six-month period. That way, I won’t interrupt you with weekly emails titled: “Any ideas for content this week?”

  4. Content

    No hand-holding required. Here, I’ll be researching, writing and editing authoritative blog posts that hit the mark with your readers. And all written in a tone of voice to perfectly match your existing comms.

  5. Uploading and sharing (optional)

    If you want me to upload your new blog post to your website with supporting images, just let me know. And if you want it shared and promoted across your social channels with supporting content, I’ll take that off your hands too.

  6. Review

    Nothing personal, but I won’t be contacting you every week with blog updates. It’s just one more distraction you don’t need in your life. So, to keep things simple, we’ll review progress every three months. And besides, I’m only a call away if you ever need me. Why make things complicated?

FREE goodies you get with my blog writing service

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) keyword research
  • Properly written meta descriptions for each blog post
  • Supporting content images as and when required
  • Access to a copywriter’s brain and its creative ideas
  • Professional external proofreading on final draft

A copywriter that always delivers

Virtual reality is a new area of opportunity, so sharing our knowledge is important to build outreach. A great copywriter is essential in that process – and Tom is that copywriter. Highly recommend.

Tim Fleming
Tim FlemingCo-Founder and CEO of Future Visual

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