Seven Cellars

Seven Cellars is a local landmark to Brightonians. Its two stores stock over 2,000 wines, spirits and liquors, and the staff are always on-hand to share their winery wisdom.

But as popular as Seven Cellars might be with locals, their founder, Louise, wanted to mix things up by targeting the wholesale market. Fill my tumbler, we’re going in.

Project overview

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The brief

There are over 450 bars and restaurants in Brighton. But many of them use the same ol’ national drink suppliers, giving their wine lists a bland and boring aftertaste.

Louise wanted to change all that with some irresistible print copy targeted at publicans and restauranteurs. It had to deliver three key messages:

  1. Our drinks list goes beyond the ordinary
  2. We’re locals and we love working with locals
  3. Everything we sell is “bloody brilliant”

No problem, Louise. You take care of the wine, I’ll take care of your words.

The words

Copy can only work if people read it. So to help Seven Cellars attract more eyeballs, I suggested we deliver our assets in a branded box with a few branded freebies.

It may seem like a simple idea, but the unknown raises curiosity which, unless you’re a cat, can really work to your advantage. Here’s what we came up with.

Copy reads…


We’re Seven Cellars. Suppliers of fine wines and spirits for pubs, restaurants and wherever else you hear glasses clinking. We stock everything you’d expect from an independent wholesaler. And we don’t sell anything you’d happily serve to your mother-in-law.


Seven reasons to try Seven Cellars

Easy online ordering with your Seven Cellars account

Free delivery on all orders big or small

Premium drinks that go waaay beyond the standard selection

Independent business and we love working with other independents

Free wine tasting to help you sip and select the perfect wine list

Tabletop menus all designed and printed in your branding

We’re a nice bunch and we’ve got reviews to prove it


We leave the substandard to other suppliers. Every drink we deliver has been tirelessly tested and approved by our sommeliers and sipologists. It’s hard work but someone’s got to do it.


Serving the spectacular since 2015

They say language is wine upon the lips. We don’t know about that. But we do know great wine gives more of your customers a reason to return. That’s why we go beyond the ordinary with over 2,000 products comprising all the classics with morish modern alternatives.

Copy ends.

Time at the bar, please.



Wonderful, just as I expected

Brilliant, Tom. Thanks for all your help and fantastic copy.

Louise Oliver
Louise OliverFounder of Seven Cellars

Project overview

  • Strategy
  • Print copy

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