Here’s what happened when a social media agency found a freelance copywriter through the Chamber of Commerce

Who are Social Firefly?

Headed up by Mel Berry and James Armstrong, Social Firefly is an independent social media agency for global charities, non-profits and sustainably conscious businesses.

They’re a little different to other agencies. Partly because they don’t sell ‘off-the-shelf’ social media packages, but mainly because they don’t subscribe to all that industry awards nonsense.

Nope. For James and Mel, it’s all about client results with a generous dollop of being human and never using corporate technobabble. Here’s what they needed.

Project overview

  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Web copy

What was the brief?

As well as a name change from ‘Digital Firefly’ to ‘Social Firefly’, Mel and James wanted an image that was friendly and smiley but with a straight-talking twist.

Instead of disguising the fact they’re a small team, they wanted to celebrate this point by drawing on the benefits of working with an independent agency.

During the whole briefing, the guys were very open to a new tone of voice. And as you’ll see, we landed on something pretty choppy that shakes things up a little.

A pleasure to work with

Flexible, responsive and patient. Tom understood our style and vision instantly. Highly recommend. We’ll definitely be using him again.

Mel Berry
Mel BerryDirector at Social Firefly

What was the outcome?

To start with a bang, the new home page kicks things off with an onslaught of alliteration. From there, the copy keeps its rhythm with bursts of benefit-driven snippets to promote each service.

As you click through to the ‘About’ page, we turn the volume up on being a small but mighty agency. And we also separate ourselves from other agency websites by saying “we don’t give a **** about industry awards”.

In a nutshell, the new brand has a fresh blood feel and isn’t afraid to show a little swagger. Anyway, I won’t give anymore away – go and have a nosey. Design by ICW Digital.

Project overview

  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Web copy

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