Here’s what happened when a housebuilder found a freelance copywriter on LinkedIn

Who are Blackthorn Homes?

Have you ever driven past a property and thought: “coor, I’d love to live there some day”? That’s the exact feeling I get whenever I see a property built by Blackthorn Homes. Mind you, I’d need to sell a few squillion words before I could buy one!

For the past seven years or so, David James has been responsible for the design, planning and construction of some seriously stylish houses across the Home Counties.

And as his business has grown from one step to the next, his digital presence just couldn’t keep up. What he needed was a complete brand refresh. And that’s where I came in.

Project overview

  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Web copy

What was the brief?

During the planning stage, we established the web copy needed to cater for two audiences: landowners and property buyers.

We also discussed how we could use the corporate feel of national developers as a foil for a homely and personalised tone of voice.

Finally, because of the purpose of the website, we agreed an image hierarchy would work best for most pages, with short bursts of copy bringing everything together.

A brilliantly thorough service

Tom is a very talented writer. He is a pleasure to work with and I’d happily recommend his services to anyone who requires website copywriting.

David James
David JamesDirector at Blackthorn Homes

What was the outcome?

After sending several tone of voice samples to David, we settled on something amiable and assuring, with a splash of exclusivity.

Various inner-circle copywriting tricks were weaved into the copy to create a proper reader experience. Things like:

  • keeping the copy benefit-driven
  • swapping ‘we’ and ‘us’ for ‘you’ and ‘your’
  • using contractions like you’re and it’s
  • keeping sentences short and snappy
  • including unmissable calls to action

Don’t tell anyone I shared those tricks with you. Or else I might get the boot from ProCopywriters.

Anyway, here’s the final version for your viewing pleasure. Design by Madison Web Solutions.

Project overview

  • Brand identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Web copy

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