Vikki Ross: How to create, define and protect a tone of voice

Wanna know how to create a proper tone of voice? Listen to the legend herself, Vikki Ross, tell you how it’s done.


00:00 Intro

01:28 Vikki’s background

03:21 Where does a copywriter start when creating a brand tone of voice?

06:39 What activities or questions help a copywriter get to grips with the personality of a brand?

11:47 How can a copywriter prepare participants and get them involved with all of these activities?

14:04 Oreo Example

15:37 What’s the process of defining of voice?

19:06 How do you start to make sense of all the information and transpose it into the first iterations of an actual voice to show the client?

22:05  How do you navigate the client’s challenges?

24:23 Ryanair-BA-Virgin Atlantic examples

26:19 How do you protect a tone of voice? 

30:00 Nexflix and Adidas examples

31:26 Recommendations for modelling tone of voice brand guidelines

33:56 Tips for managing relationships and getting work out the door

36:06 Tips to help copywriters manage their time on tone of voice projects

37:32 What is Word Tonic?

40:30 Name that attraction

42:35 Outro

43:00 Sponsor Message


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