Mel Barfield: How to win on LinkedIn

In this episode, me and Mel pull the limbs off LinkedIn, have a good look around, and glue ’em back on again. Come on in, but watch your step – it’s a bit of a mess in here.


00:00 Introducing Mel Barfield

01:26 Mel’s recent achievements and recognition

02:52 Mel’s background and her journey to freelance copywriting

07:52 The importance of authenticity on LinkedIn

15:15 Overcoming the fear of posting on LinkedIn

21:04 Common mistakes on LinkedIn

22:42 Embracing your personality

23:51 The journey of starting a podcast

25:02 The importance of community in freelancing

29:02 The challenges and rewards of Freelance Magazine

31:13 Listener question

33:42 Name that attraction

35:33 Setting the task for the next guest

36:03 Where to find more from Mel

36:50 Outro


Mel’s website

Mel’s talk at Digital Summit


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