Jonathan Wilcock: How to survive as a freelance copywriter

Grab yourself a cold one and join us on the pebbles as Jonathan Wilcock spills the secrets on how to survive as a freelance copywriter. Warning: contains toilet humour.


00:00 Intro

01:42 Jonathan Wilcock’s background

02:55 Benefits of agency-side experience for a freelancer

08:58 How Jonathan adapted his game to freelance copywriting

11:16 Advice to newer freelance copywriters

16:39 How to show potential clients that you’re the right fit for a project

19:58 Advice for working from home

23:11 One thing on our side of the industry that should be compulsory

24:40 If you could pass just one lesson back through time to your younger self…

27:02 Mango or pineapple?

27:45 Name that attraction: a roller coaster for dogs. What’s the name and strapline?

28:48 Outro & sponsor


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How to survive as a freelance copywriter Рlessons learnt the hard way 


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