Emma Cownley: To niche or not to niche, that is the question

BEHOLD! Here’s the hell-raiser herself, Emma Cownley, taking a break from words and Ouija boards to have a natter about niching.


00:00 Intro

01:23 Emma’s background

04:17 Introduction to niching

05:16 How did Emma land on her niche: music and lifestyle?

08:13 How do you find your niche?

09:50 Is it wise to niche straight away?

12:28 Is there a way to be sure your niche is profitable?

14:12 What’s the best way to market yourself?

17:15 What happens if you do get fed up?  Is there a way back?

18:54 Do freelance copywriters need to niche? 

19:54 Keeping your persona across channels

22:36 How beneficial are YouTube and TikTok?

24:54 Bonus question

25:37 Name that Attraction

30:04 Outro

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