Ellen Kate Boyle: How to juggle parenting with freelancing

Taking a break from baby TV shows to tell us how to juggle parenting with freelancing, it’s Ellen Kate Boyle.


00:00 Introducing Ellen Kate Boyle

01:36 How Ellen became a freelance copywriter

03:38 Building a freelance business as a parent

09:06 Advice for expecting freelancers

15:48 The importance of having a routine

17:15 Asking for help is ok

18:48 Readjusting your business mindset

21:07 Building memories 

22:58 Accepting that it can be hard – but it’s worth it

27:22 Challenges of the early months of pregnancy

30:01 How to capture creative moments while parenting

34:13 Conclusion: Is it possible to successfully raise a family while building a s a successful freelance business?

37:15 As s company director: are you entitled to any statutory pay?

41:07 Name that attraction

43:28 Where to find Ellen


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