Sarah Townsend: How to ace self-employment without burnout

Slap on some sunscreen and join us on the shore. Here’s the myth-buster herself, Sarah Townsend, telling us how to ace self-employment without burnout.


Sarah Townsend Editorial


00:00 Introducing Sarah Townsend

01:21 Sarah’s background

04:00 Myth one: Freelance life is easy

07:22 Freelance Life: The reality

09:24 Overcoming the fear of having no money

10:31 Trusting the process and focusing on positivity

14:39  Myth two: Every day should be a good day

15:46 Comparing to others on social media

19:36 The creative industry and failure

22:31 Handling feedback as a freelance copywriter

24:22 Controlling negative self-talk

27:41 Sarah’s book – The Little Book of Confusables

29:49 Name That Attraction

33:43 Where to find Sarah Townsend

34:09 Outro & sponsor message


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