Ben McKinney: How to win more work with agencies

Slap on some drizzle oil and join us on the pebbles as Ben McKinney tells us how to win more work with agencies.


00:17 Intro
01:23 Ben’s background and his journey into freelance copywriting
03:16 The birth of Copy or Die
04:07 Ben’s Copy Cabana Experience
08:02 The birth and growth of Copy or Die
12:30 The challenges with freelance agencies
14:37 Launching Copy or Die
15:33 How to join Copy or Die as a writer
16:08 Challenges in setting up Copy or Die
18:26 What Copy or Die is looking for in freelance copywriters
20:13 Understanding client needs
21:34 Facing client’s lack of clarity
23:24 Mentorship and community in copywriting
24:57 Name that attraction
27:25 Closing remarks and contact information


Ben’s website

Ben’s talk at Copy Cabana