Andrew Boulton: How to feed your imagination and find better ideas

Zip up your pencil case and join us on the pebbles. Here’s author of Copywriting Is…, Andrew Boulton, talking about silence, solitude, and syllabus shake ups.


00:00 Introducing Andrew Boulton

01:28 Andrew’s background

02:16 The path to copywriting

05:18  Creative freedom and the value of solitude

08:06  Listening to your imagination

09:46 Solitude as a creative tool

12:12 Embracing a non-rigid creative process

14:11 The importance of creative partnerships

15:27 Honest critique in creative partnerships

17:31 The importance of critical evaluation

19:26 The need for a syllabus shake-up

21:44 Taking responsibility to bridge the gap

22:44 Listener questions: The best and worst headlines

25:54 Name that Attraction

28:29 Setting the challenge for the next guest

29:32 Outro & where to find Andrew


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