What can airports teach you about copywriting?

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Have you ever wondered why passengers form a line at their boarding gate long before the plane’s even arrived?

Me too.

Yet, as I sat with my daughter in JFK Airport waiting for our evening flight to London Gatwick, that’s exactly what I witnessed.

A single passenger stood at the gate, then a family of four, then another single commuter, then an elderly couple, then a young couple.

In as little as 14 minutes, 71 passengers were queuing…for nothing.

But why?

Psychologists call it the airport queue phenomenon, but I know it better as social proofing.

The idea wherein people copy the actions of others to undertake behaviour in any given situation.

And I have a theory this same phenomenon is at play with business websites too.

Because one business uses words like ‘passionate’, ‘reliable’, ‘turnkey solutions’, others feel compelled to do the same.

The result? Word waffle that’ll never land with your audience.

Sometimes it’s best not to follow the crowd (especially when it comes to copy).

Tom Davies is a freelance copywriter based in Brighton.

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