How to lose your audience like a pro

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Imagine you’re at the pub and bump into a friend you haven’t seen for ten years. Amongst the usual pleasantries, they ask what you do for a living.

You respond: “I’m a hard-working and innovative architect.”

And with those words, your long-lost friend becomes a longer-lost friend.

Or perhaps you meet your other half’s parents for the first time. The father already knows what you do (he’s done his research), but just to kill the silence, he says: “Tell me about your job.”

You respond: “I’m a dedicated and solutions-based IT consultant.”

You never meet again.

In these situations, we wouldn’t dream of describing what we do with these fluffy, meaningless words.

Yet, when it comes to website copy, you’ll be surprised how many businesses do just that.

My advice? Swap the fluff for meaningful stuff. Or better yet, hire yourself a freelance copywriter who’ll do it for you.

Tom Davies is a freelance copywriter based in Brighton.

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